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carla butler Wife, Mother, Educator, Inspirational Speaker, Mentor, Visionary, Author, Entrepreneur.

Have you ever wondered who you really are? Why you are where you are? And what purpose your life is meant to serve? For author Carla Butler, those questions were the driving force in her life for many years as she searched for her biological father, her "real" family, and her true self.


As the CEO/Founder of Designed & Destined for Greatness, LLC, her utmost desire is to inspire others to begin working in their purpose and activating their  passion especially through their writings. There are many places that you may never be able to visit or things that need to be shared from the heart. What a wonderful opportunity to share your thoughts all over the world.


Each of us were born and will one day pass this way. We have no idea as to when our  divine appointment will be called. The critical questions are "What have you done with what's  been placed in your hands?" and "What legacy have you left for others who will travel down this path?" The interval between life and death is the time to utilize your God-given talents by exploring and  tapping into your  creative juices, following your dreams and utilizing the plentiful  resources all around you.


To others, it may not look or seem like much. However to you (the visionary), it's a treasure and a  gold mine! Don't allow others who aren't dreamers to define who they feel you are or should be. Open your heart and mind for new adventures and experience the full benefits of God's blessings upon your life.


YOU are Designed & Destined for Greatness!!!

Recommended Books


" Makeovers with Leftovers: Learning to Live on What's Left of Life"

by Dr. Sheila Bailey

It's a phenomenal book that shares her personal testimony of the awesome power of God. It inspires others to experience  the amazing things that can happen when you trust in his guidance amidst tragedy and loss.


"Dear Success Seeker"

by Michele R. Wright, PH. D

It's an awesome book that inspires readers to SOAR after hearing eighty five original letters  written by some of the most remarkable and unique women of today. The Author herself is a miracle and walking testimony of how her  perseverance and faith has impacted her destiny. She is one of the most successful (but very humble) women I know.

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